The Ultimate Guide to Boob Tape

Open up a wardrobe of possibilities!

Sometimes a bra just isn't going to work with backless, strapless and plunging outfits. But this is often enough to make us larger-busted ladies put that backless dress back on the rack and stick to what we know. You do have options, ladies! 

Finding the right bra for that plunging neckline doesn't have to send you running for the hills. We've got plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you feel confident and comfortable. One of our mantras at NOOD is that we aim to design products that elevate you, not change you. You should feel empowered to wear exactly what you want when you want.

We have Kim Kardashian to thank for making duct tape popular. Still, so many great options have become available in the years since. No more nip slips, nip rips and embarrassing mishaps. You can rock your outfit like a celeb on the red carpet with simple solutions like styling tape and booby tape!


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Other names are  breast tape, tit-tape, fashion tape and styling tape. There are mixed reviews, Amazon dupes and a plethora of options out there. But when it comes to putting an adhesive on your tatas for hours on end, do you really want to trust the drop-shipper crew? The NOOD options are made with medical-grade, dermatologically approved adhesive. The fabric is sustainable, breathable and anti-microbial hemp.

You can find out more about why we use hemp fabric here.

Boob tape and adhesive bras get a bad rap for being uncomfortable, but we challenge you to try ours and see what you think (shameless plug, but we have a 90-day money-back guarantee - no other brand backs their claims as much as we do).

In fact, NOOD boob tape and adhesive bras are popping up on red carpets everywhere as the celebrity stylist's choice.

FUN FACT: We named our best-seller the  Pro Stylist Kit because so many stylists started requesting a bundle of all 3 hero products for their clients. So the Pro Stylist Kit was born. Your at-home stylist in a box with everything you need in one easy kit.


Celebs use various techniques to tape their boobs with varying success. Many boob tape options didn't cater to curvier women or women with larger breast sizes. Sometimes, a simple over the shoulder or cross-over isn't enough for bigger boobs and plunging necklines. This is where the  Game Changer Adhesive Bra comes in.

So let's get into it. These are the best ways to use boob tape, adhesive bras and other solutionwear products.



Let's start with the basics. First, do no harm. Many brands and products have cut costs on either the fabric or the adhesive, or both. Nobody wants their skin to break out in a rash or their boob to fall down halfway through their night out. So be discerning on where you shop for these kinds of products.

There are endless varieties of boob tape to choose from and multiple ways of applying them. Let's dive into understanding the different kinds of boob tape that are available in the market.

 ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses

Boob taping option 1: Boob Tape (obviously)

If you are looking for comfort and safety, it's worth investing in some good boob tape, like the  Shape Tape we've developed here at Nood. Boob tape designed especially for contact with sensitive areas of your skin is your best choice.

Whether you're just starting out or a pro at taping your boobs, you have options. Depending on your outfit's neckline or strap situation, you can use boob tape in various positions from nip to shoulder, crossed over or bandeau style.

Specifically designed to shape & lift while also being comfortable, breathable, and non-irritating, it's a better solution than DIY options. Moreover, you can use boob tape to achieve various styles, including halter necklines, plunge necklines, open-side garments, wide necklines, backless, asymmetric necklines, low-backed garments, or strapless necklines.

Importantly, boob tape will not damage your skin, and the removal process is simple and pain-free. Best of all, it works for any cup size and will last all day - or evening. This is your boob job in a box option.

 ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses

Boob taping option 2: Gaffer Tape (just say no)

Made more popular after the recommendation of Kim Kardashian, gaffer tape is a solid option when you are in a pinch. Made of vinyl-coated cloth, this tape is very strong and will definitely keep your breasts in place.

That said, gaffer tape can restrict your movement and is not a breathable material. Because it wasn't developed for use on skin, you may find you have to deal with a fair bit of irritation when you remove it. Gaffer tape is often confused with duct tape. Neither is a good option, but duct tape is especially dangerous as it is used mainly for construction and DIY projects. Our tatas are not on a home makeover show, ladies!

Even Kim K has deleted her blog post promoting this option. So we've included it in this post to remind you: PLEASE DON'T DO IT!

 ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses

Boob taping option 3: Sports Tape (okay but accident-prone)

If you are looking for a gentler, more sweat-resistant option, sports tape is a good choice. Made of cotton, sports tape was specifically developed for use on the skin and, in turn, won't irritate it.

Sports tape also moves as you move so it can stretch, and in turn, looks natural under your clothes. It's also breathable and does not crease or make noise. That said, sports tape is not as strong as gaffer tape or proper boob tape, so keep that in mind.

 ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses

 Boob taping option 4: Fashion tape/ Double-sided apparel tape/ Flash Tape

Ever been frustrated when you can't manage to button your top because of the dreaded gap caused by big boobs? Whether you call it Fashion Tape or Flash Tape, this is what it is used for.

Double-sided apparel tape definitely is an excellent option for those times when you can't button the top button on your shirt. But, besides solving that pesky wardrobe problem, double-sided apparel tape can also help you get the look you want, as long as you're alright with a bit of restricted movement.



  1. Patch Test

This step is so important!

It is essential to determine your skin's reaction to the glue of the tape and if it will cause you irritation or not. Or if you've bought the  Game Changer (good choice babe), test patches are included in the box.

Before going all out and taping your breasts, it is a good idea to do a small patch test on your skin to see if the tape will irritate your skin. This is especially important if you're considering using alternative tape options. 

To do this, cut off a small piece of tape and place it on your skin. The inside of your arm is a great place to try as the skin is likely similar to your breasts, and fewer hairs mean it will hurt less when you remove it. Remember to keep the tape on for a few hours and then take it off to see if there is any irritation. Keep in mind that redness is perfectly normal if you have sensitive skin.


  1. Skin Prep

If your tape has passed the skin patch test and you're ready to start, the final prep step is to clean the surface of your skin before applying the tape, as the adhesive may not stick to oily skin.

  • No lotion
  • No oily ointments
  • No powders.

Rubbing alcohol can also help to remove oil from your skin surface. Also, it's important to note that you should never want to apply tape on a damaged, sunburned, or broken skin surface. 


  1. Don't rip your nips

No matter how you choose to tape your breasts, it's always a good idea to use  nipple covers before taping or wearing adhesive bras. This protects sensitive areas and helps reduce irritation. You can also use a cotton round pad if you don't have nipple covers or pasties.

 ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses



Plunging Neckline and Backless Dress Method

​​Step 1. Cut a piece of tape about 13 inches long or measure the length from the back of your shoulder to the bottom of your breast. Gently lift your breast up and place the end of the tape on the outside of your breasts. Then press the tape down firmly towards the end of your shoulder. Make sure the tape is secure by pressing it down with your hand.

Step 2. Do this process again with two other pieces of tape. Make sure you move inwards towards your inner breast with each piece of tape and sculpt as you tape to make it look perfect.

Remember to be careful around your neckline as you may not want other people to see the tape at your special event. Make sure you cover your nipple with a nipple cover or cotton pad/gauze before you tape it up.

Step 3. Complete the same process on the other side of your body. It's okay if the end result doesn't look exactly identical; after all - our bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical to begin with!

ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses


Pro Tip: Skip the DIY and use the  Game Changer Adhesive Bras - ready to go out the box.


Bandeau and Strapless Dress Method


Step 1.

Start with a strip of boob tape that's slightly longer than the width of your chest. Remove the backing strip and attach the tape onto the side of one breast. Press down as you wrap it in front of you before securing the other end to the side of your other breast. Continue pushing and lifting your breasts together the entire time. You can also lean forward while you tape to get even more lift and support.


Step 2.

Repeat wrapping with two or more tape strips depending on the width of the tape (NOOD generously offers 3inch wide tape so you use much less) Add an extra strip of tape underneath for more push-up action, or a strip across the top of your breasts for more support, as long as it doesn't show with the neckline of your outfit. Check that you can't see the tape from behind or under your arms. 



Without a doubt, tape removal from the skin can be an unpleasant experience. If you know the pain of ripping off a band-aid, unfortunately, taking off boob tape is a similar feeling.

ultimate guide to taping your boobs and guide to boob tape and adhesive bras for strapless and backless dresses

However, there are several methods to make this process easier and painless. The most common methods are to work your favorite oil or moisturizer under the tape to start to loosen the adhesive, or take a hot bath with the tape still on to loosen it.

Either way, once the tape's adhesive has weakened, start to slowly peel it off. If your skin has adhesive residue from the tape left on it, you can put some baby oil on a cotton pad and gently rub it off.

Finally, once the tape and any residue are completely removed, it's best to moisturize your skin so it can recover well.




Mistake #1: Taping Too Tightly

While you definitely want the tape to hold your breasts in the right position, you also do not want to restrict your blood flow or make you uncomfortable. 


Remember that if the tape is too tight, it's possible to cause injury. Similarly, you should never place the tape all around your body; this could restrict your breathing.


Mistake #3: Taping Too Loosely

While you don't want your tape to be too tight for health and comfort reasons, you also don't want the tape to be too loose. After all, if the tape is too loose, it won't provide the support needed to achieve a great look and may not stay in place either!


Mistake #4: Not Taking Hot Temperatures Into Account

If you use high-quality boob tape, you don't need to worry about hot temperatures as the material is sweat-resistant, comfortable, and will always stay in place.

However, suppose you opt for one of the "in-a-pinch" methods mentioned above, such as gaffer tape. In that case, there is a good chance that you will be very uncomfortable in situations where the temperature is on the hot side. This will cause you to sweat, and sweat can affect the adhesive on your gaffer tape and cause it to loosen.


Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Whether you're just starting experimenting with boob tape or are planning a killer outfit for an event, being prepared goes a long way. 

After all, the last thing you want is to be worrying about applying your adhesives correctly on the day of your event.

We'd recommend setting time aside to practice your technique so you can get the hang of how you can make boob tape work for you- who knows, you might even find a method that's better suited for you!


If you're worried about the DIY aspect of tape - we have a ready-to-wear solution just for you. The Game Changer is an adhesive lift and shape bra that comes in a box of 5 pairs. Ready to use with no cutting needed, these work for all bust sizes with a patented design that offers the best lift and shape you'll ever have without bra straps. Plus they're available in 4 different skin tones.






With all that said and done, the reviews don't lie. With hundreds of happy tatas and 5-star reviews, we are so proud of the products we've created. We've kept our integrity, and while it may cost us more, we designed a product using sustainable materials and packaging and using a female engineer to create an adhesive bra that really works for larger bust sizes. We are truly made by women for women!


Not only are our products made from sustainable materials, but we are also certified as plastic-negative, and we are vegan and cruelty-free. Our products are made hypoallergenic and made from medical grade materials and adhesives that are sweatproof and waterproof.


With over 8 hours of worry-free wear, you can go strapless completely stress-less! Whether you're wearing boob tape in the pool, at a club or event or in the summer heat, you're guaranteed to be lifted and supported all day.

Check out the NOOD range of solutionwear  here




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