Stylist's Corner: This is how celebrities pull off backless gowns and plunging necklines without fear

Breezy dresses with small straps, plunging necklines, or backless features are summer staples and typical wedding dress design features.

While these dresses (or tops!) are beautiful, finding a bra that offers support and coverage without any straps can be challenging.

The last thing you want peeping out from under that couture masterpiece is a plastic bra strap.

No, correct that; the last thing you want is to head to the ladies room to discover your silicon lift has been defeated by under-boob sweat.

Going bra-less can be a pain, no matter what your body type.

If you're curvy, you probably live in perennial fear of flashing more skin than you bargained for.

My ladies with smaller boobs have it marginally easier, but whatever you're working with, getting the perfect cleavage with the support and lift you need without worrying about straps and sweat-related style fails.

So in defense of going bra-less, even with big boobs, we've got the lowdown on how celebrities manage to pull off those plunging necklines without risking a wardrobe malfunction.

This is how celebrities pull off backless gowns and plunging necklines without fear!


The celebrity guide to going bra-less:

Nood nipple covers no show silicone pasties

Silicone pasties

If your outfit demands maximum exposure — we're talking back, side boob and cleavage — you may want to opt for pasties. The sticky silicone nipple coversare super adhesive and cover your nipples with a soft, skin-like finish and tapered edges, so they don't show through clothing, but with the right amount of thickness, so your boobs don't turn you into a human barometer. Since they only cover the nipple area, the chances of slipping off due to sweat are minimised. The only downside: they offer no actual support or enhancement, so if you're looking for a shape up or lift, this is not your best option.


Nood shape tape fashion tape body tape

Fashion tape

It might sound uncomfortable and inconvenient. Turns out it's effortless and easy. Not to mention surprisingly effective. This is exactly why the most fashion-forward stars like Kim Kardashian are taping their breasts.

This technique allows you touse a tape of your choice to completely replace your bra.

Still not impressed? Did we mention applying it takes practically no time? Taping your boobs doesn't even have to interfere with your usual glam-up routine.

Tape and lift your boobs vertically if you're wearing a low neck halter. But it also works horizontally to give the impression of cleavage in low-cut back tops or bandeau styles.

Remember it's medical-grade adhesive, so while it's skin-friendly, you should wear pasties to protect your nipples and then place the boob tape on the top.

plunge bra

Plunge front with back extender

This is great when you want the support of a bra without having to wear one. The plunge front with a back extender option offers full support and is great for tops with a low scoop back and a low front.

However, because of the straps extending to wrap around your upper waist, there is a limit to how low your blouse back can go. Since it's also got the structure of a standard bra, halter straps may be an option, but a tube one wouldn't offer the same support.

The biggest downside to this type of bra is the squeezing into it and the inevitable bulges these cause. You end up layering bras and Spanx over each other and making yourself uncomfortable.


Nood Game Changer lift and shape adhesive bra

Adhesive bra - relatively new solution wear tech

This solution is my personal favorite. These are pre-cut adhesive bras that give you the lift and support you need, phenomenal cleavage, and they don't budge.

I've gone from pool party to happy hour in one day without these babies moving an inch. They work in a similar way to fashion tape, except their design is to lift you up from underneath and the side, which gives way more support and a much better shape.

They're easy to apply, and once you've got them on, you can trim them to suit any outfit. Again, like fashion tape, these are made from a medical-grade adhesive, so while it's skin-friendly, you should wear pasties to protect your nipples and then place the tape on the top.


Ready to give these a try?

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