Stylist's Corner: How to use Boob Tape to style your wedding dress

At NOOD, we believe that your bra size shouldn't get in the way of your dream dress. Our bra alternatives offer unmatched lift and support, and they're sweat-proof too! So you can enjoy your magical day, with your favorite people, in THE dress that you've pictured since you were 10.

These are the styles we get asked about most, and here are our recommendations.

Backless or lace back dresses:

These are an easy fix with our Game Changer adhesive bra. They don't need any cutting or trimming, but depending on what the front of your dress looks like, you absolutely can trim to tailor them to your needs.

The adhesive bra keeps your boobs comfortable supported in place without worrying about straps, tapes or those clear flaps that just don't work and fall off the second you start sweating. To have a clean and classic silhouette like this one, you don't want anything in your way.


Strapless dresses:

Whether your dress is a bandeau style with an open or closed back or even corset style, your girls could use a little more support. This is where our Shape Tape comes in. Simply tape horizontally along the base of your bust, moving upwards until you've got the support and cleavage you want.



Plunging dresses:

For the bolder bride who wants to go plunging, we'd suggest using the Game Changer adhesive bra. The way we've designed them gives you lift and support from the bottom and sides, providing much more support and the perfect cleavage.


Off the shoulder dresses:

For these elegant dresses, support can be an issue. If you don't need much in the way of lift and support, we'd say go with our No Show nipple covers for a smooth finish under your gown.



If you need a little lift, use our Shape Tape taped in a crisscross method to keep your boobs in place and even gift a little lift.
Check out our instruction video below:



If you're still trying out dresses and not sure what you're wearing yet, try our Pro Stylist kit. It has all three products so your options are endless and you can rock any dress you want! Plus you'll have plenty of extra product to use for those sexy honeymoon outfits.



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