Style Guide: Rock the plunging Blazer Dress

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According to Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively and Rihanna we have ditched the traditional shirt and blazer combo and have opted for just the jacket.

jennifer aniston blazer dress trend

Powerful women across the globe have been expressing their femininity by choosing to wear nothing — not even a bra — underneath their blazers as of late. And although the styling has been widely reported recently, the free blazer movement has actually been around for a couple of years.

Friends star Jen Aniston wore a blazer with nothing underneath back in 2015 and ever since the world appeared to followed. Kristen Stewart almost never wears a shirt with her Chanel tweed jackets and Miley Cyrus famously defied gravity by performing in a very open blazer on Saturday Night Live. But honestly, track back as far as the 80s and stars were doing it then.

Ambassador of the blazer Lady Princess Diana may not have ever gone shirtless, but the former royal was a huge fan of the structured blazer. Channel your inner Princess Diana with PrettyLittleThing blazer dresses, sure to make you feel like royalty this summer.

Styling like the late icon has never been this easy, achieve the timeless look inspired by the princess with the PrettyLittleThing blazer dresses collection. Pick from a range of versatile classics, figure flattering silhouettes or make a bold statement with a shimmery head-turning outfit. This summer blazer dress is a necessary addition to anyone out there ever wanting to stand out of the crowd.

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