NoodistHQ: Behind the scenes

NOOD New York. A brand founded in NYC and rebranded during a global pandemic from all corners of the globe.

With the founders currently in Dubai, the creative and styling team in Toronto, our development team in Austin and suppliers and resources from across the world, we can truly say this was a global effort and it took a dream team.

We just wanted to share some images of our very first product shoot and to thank the incredibly talented team that made it happen. The shoot took place over two days, with social distancing protocols being in full swing. Despite the challenges, this amazing team made it happen!

To Scott and his team, the brand you helped us create has taken our hearts and souls and put them into a living, breathing brand that we can be proud of. Your creative direction has been invaluable.

To Carlyle, our photographer, and her team, your images have captured our brand perfectly. You interpreted our vision beautifully and took it to another level.

To Nadia, our stylist. You built a wardrobe we ended up drooling over for this shoot. You captured our personal style and the style of the brand perfectly. Thank you.

To Maya and Sarah, thank you for being the bold and badass first faces of NOOD New York. You arebeyond gorgeous! You are #Noodists personified!

Brands are not built alone. We want to thank our team of suppliers and creatives and our amazing friends and family who have been unwavering in their support as we get ready to do this thing!

All our love,

Astrid & Leigh

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